Date from Google Calendar to Smartsuite

I am quite new to Make, so excuse me if this is a simple question.
I am trying to map the start and end date from google calendar to a date range field in smartsuite. I have tried formatting different ways, but it never actually populates into smartsuite. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thank you.

Hi GH,

If I well understand, you want to compute a duration, there is an interesting sub-subject here.

Hope this helps.



Hi @GH

To solve your issue, please check the format that support in the “Hours worked” field. Map the value accordingly with the format.

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I finally got it to populate, but it’s putting the wrong times. how do i solve it?

What do you mean by: " it’s putting the wrong times" ?

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Ex: in Gcalendar it says 9:45 pm, in Make outcput it also says 9:45 pm, but in Smartsuite, ts coming up as 4:45 pm

Which timezone do you use?
It could be a “problem” between your local time and UTC…


I use EST, GCalendare is set to EST, I put it into the [format date] formula, and Smartsuite is also set to EST.

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