Date Function Not Accurate After Daylight Savings Time Change

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Does anyone have the solution for this? I use the Date Time Function in I’m on EST time and I use that region, but since daylight savings time it’s wrong, it says the time is 12.33 when it is 13.33

I update a google sheets cell using this formula from - {{formatDate(now; “DD MMM YYYY HH:mm”; “EST”)}}

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I tried it out, and it works fine.


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Thanks for the reply but… nope!

I just tried it out again myself… and i can confirm 100% it is incorrect

It is currently 2.25 am, it says it is 1.25am… i have a screenshot i can show you… from my make scenario… i got the output details just like you

But i don’t know how to attach a screenshot to this post?

It’s updating google sheets btw and the local in google sheets is also set to EST.

I can confirm the google sheets time is setup correctly also, because when i put the formula now() into google sheets it gives me the correct time

So it must be that is incorrect

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What is your organization timezone and web timezone set to on your profile?


I noticed if you have a leading space on the timezone parameter it breaks…


{{formatDate(now; “DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm A”; " EST")}}

shows incorrect time (4 hours later)

{{formatDate(now; “DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm A”; “EST”)}}

shows correct time, check to make sure you don’t have any leading spaces on the timezone parameter.

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You may also want to watch the video on how the org and web time zone settings affect what you see in the input and output bundles in Make.