Issue with managing DST in Belgium

Hi everyone,

I’m using make since 2 years, and this is my first question for the community.
I must adapt the date time in a special case.
I have a form into a wordpress website.
In this form, the user must select a date and time for an appointment in a doctor service.

The problem is that if the user takes an appointment with this form today for a date AFTER 26 oct. 2024 at 3.00 AM, I must delete 1 hour in the appointment time.
If the appointment is BEFORE 26 oct. 2024 at 3.00 AM, I must delete 2 hours in the appointment time.

I create a switch tool in my scenario for this, but it’s not working, and the error message is :
" Invalid IML for parameter ‘pattern’: Operator on beginning of an expression."

here is a screenshot of the config in my scenario.

Could anyone help me to fix that?

Thank you

Why you have added the greater sign or less sign?? In switch function you really cannot mention greater or lesser like this. it doesn’t count like this.

You need to use if function here:

Let me know if you get any further specific Question.

Princy Jain
Make consultant,
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Hi Jain,

thank you for your quick reply.
I did this :

It’s working great like this.
It remains still an issue : it’s really “static”.
I’m wondering if I could not be more dynamic, because using this syntax obliges me to change the date manually each year.
Or maybe there is something in make that can manage the daylight saving time automatically?

Kind regards

Not sure of daylight saving thing. But if you want to change the year only you can try set date.

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Don’t care about that.
It’s a future improvement for thi scenario.

You gave me the right idea for my date formula.
So thank you very much.