Daylight savings changes modified scenario results

I have a scenario running every hour that will get all the appointments that finished in the previous hour from a Google Sheet.
I had the filter regarding the date set up like this:

print 2

But right now, after the daylight savings changes this weekend, it is fetching the records 1 hour later. I noticed that there is a 1-hour difference between the time in google sheets and the time that make is fetching, as you can see below:

print 1

When I hover the mouse pointer over the datetime, it shows the correct value from the google sheets.

Also, I just noticed that Make is also adding 1 hour to the appointment datetime when it receives the booking data, as seen below:

Print from Make:
print 3

Print from booking system:
print 4

Nevertheless, when Make writes this information in the Google Sheet, it instead adjusts the time for 1 hour earlier?!

Why is make doing this and is there someway to avoid this without changing my scenarios?

Thank you.

Hello @Nelson_Carreira welcome to the Make Community :wave:

You can find some information regarding daylight savings and scenario scheduling over here:

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Hello @Michaela , thank you for the feedback.

I had already come across this post but it’s not quite the same situation. In this case there is a discrepancy between the data coming from the booking system and the data that is registered in Google sheets.

Before daylight savings everything was correct, now appointments were being registered 1 hour earlier. To correct this I had to manually add an extra hour before sending the information to Google Sheets.

Also, the filter in the search Google Sheets module was also not working correctly and instead of retrieving the appointments from the previous hour it was fetching the records from the hour before. I also had to change the filter as follows:

print 2

print 2a

Oh now I see that this is a different issue. My apologies for the confusion.

To help the community assist you better, could you please share some screenshots of the data you’re inputting into your Google Sheet? It would help us provide further assistance.


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In this print it is shown the values in Make module for the start date (Data de Início) which is 15th April 2024 09:00 and the end date (Data de Fim) which is 15th April 2024 09:50.
In the popup it is shown the value inserted in Google Sheets for the end date, which is 2024-04-15 08:50.

Although there is no date/hour manipulation during the scenario, the hour received in the webhook is different from the Google Sheets module shown in the print above.