Winter Time causes scenario to execute at wrong time

I have a scenario that runs at 03:00, ‘Timezone: Europe/Copenhagen’ on the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st, and then evaluates if it is the last day of the month, if so, the rest of the scenario executes to report our monthly statistics.

On the 29th of October, Denmark switched to Winter time, but my scenario execution schedule did not. It now executes at 04:00, instead of 03:00. While this is not a big issues for this scenario, I can imagine that it could be for more time sensitive scenarios.


You can see that the scheduler has auto-updated to run at 04:00, I (or my team) did not change this.

Execution Log:

To be sure that it was the scheduler that was at fault, I also checked the Execution Log. I created a new scenario that just sets a variable. and the log recorded it at the correct time of execution. Which confirms my theory of the scheduler executing at the wrong time.


So now what? Is this a bug in the scenario scheduling ? Or am I not seeing some setting I need to tick?.


Hi Linda,

The documentation doesn’t give a lot of details about the daylight saving time.

You could look at the history of your scenario, there is maybe a scheduling modification.
If there is nothing, it’s probably best to contact the support team.



Heya @LindaFuchs :wave:

Thank you so much for bringing this up. What an excellent question!

After the daylight savings time change, the logs of scenario runs are adjusted for visual consistency. In practical terms, runs that occurred before the switch are displayed as occurring an hour earlier.

To provide more context:
Imagine your scenarios scheduled to run every 15 minutes. Without this visual adjustment, determining the order of runs after daylight savings time change could be challenging. You might see 8 runs within the same hour, and it wouldn’t be clear which came first.

It’s important to note that Make doesn’t have a scheduler auto-update feature. Therefore, it’s quite likely that this scenario has always run at 4 a.m. Is it possible that someone from your team initially designed it to run at that specific time?


Thank you so much for giving more context as to how the log works, and to be honest, that makes perfect sense :). I will discuss internally if the scenario was set to 04:00 instead. Thanks!