DAY condition inside an IF statement? (Google Sheet app)

Hello community,

I am not sure how to explain this easily but I will try :slight_smile:

I want to map a different Google sheet name (with similar data) on Thursdays. How do I put this inside an IF statement? Is this the correct way?


I can create a filter before the Sheet but then I have to create a different router and all the following apps.

Hello :slight_smile:
An element is missing in your condition. When do you compare the day ?
you could to do that =>

  1. Find the number of the week with setDay function (Thursday = 5)
  2. Compare to today
  3. If now = thursday return sheetA else sheetB

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Thanks for your answer and proposed solution, Liora. That was a genius solution.

I cleared some of the date arguments and only left DDDD. Which worked as well.

{{if(formatDate(now; "DDDD") = formatDate(setDay(now; 5); "DDDD"); "Thursdays Pick Up Plan"; "Pick Up Plan")}}

Thank you so much for your help :heart: