Deduplicate email addresses when iterating through multipe records

Hello Makers,

  1. In a database, there’s project record that relates to several “contacts”.
  2. I’m using an iterator on Make to loop through the contacts to get names, email addresses etc.
  3. Sometimes multiple contacts share the same email address.

What would be the easiest way to filter out duplicate email addresses?


Can you share what your scenario looks like and also what the collection of the array that you are iterating looks like?

What you can do is utilize,

{{distinct(2.array; “email”)}}


  • 2.array is the array you are getting
  • email is the name of a property in your array, if it is nested you can use dot notation to access lower depth eg.

This will be the input of your iterator, i.e if you are getting an array from the records then you can use this. But, I need to check what your collection looks like cause this might not work if a single collection holds multiple email addresses.


Hi @Runcorn I’ve tried to follow your explanation here but I’m missing something.

I’m trying to remove duplicates from search results of a Notion database and then send each one a message via Slack. I’ve setup the Iterator like this but it’s still passing through the duplicates.