Delay between multiple Requests

is it possible to put a delay between multiple requests in a Search Module? We have a situation where we initiate a search by a POST request and then have to get the results with another GET request. The remote system needs some time to prepare the results, so we need to wait before we start the second request. We could also use the returned status code that indicates, that the remote system has not finished yet.
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hey @Jorg_Ackermann ,
Great question, there are 3 ways you could do this:

  1. For short periods, use the “sleep” module within the built-in “tools” module of Make
  2. Secondary you could save the data in a database, like the built-in “data storage” from make, then create another scenario which retrieves that data and does something with it.
  3. Lastly you can trigger the scenario with a webhook at the start, then make the HTTP call and add a router behind it. If the HTTP call (which needs time) responds with an error, make another HTTP call to the same scenario within (triggering itself). This way you can make a loop until it works.

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Thank you very much! One more question: is there way to do this encapsulated in a single module of a custom app?