Delay within http get for each bundle

I have the following challenge:

  • I have a query on an airtable table, that delivers multiple record IDs (see screenshot; calls them bundles. In the example 10 airtable records = bundles are correctly found)
  • then I have to query an http get request (see screenshot 2) per airtable ID found. The restriction of the HTTP URL I am using (free stock quote) is maximum 5 requests per minute. How can I set a delay between each http query, so that only 5 http get queries are sent per minute? eg, in this case, 10 airtable records are found, so the following http queries have to be executed in 2 mins (as max 5 per min). Or any other way to solve this? Thank you!

Hey @Chris2 ,

Welcome to the community! You can use a combination of the Increment function module (to count the number of executions) and then use the ‘Sleep’ module to delay execution by 2 minutes.

The Increment module can count until 5 operations are reached and then the Sleep module kicks in to delay the execution.


Hi @Chris2,

Besides what @sArchitect has suggested, alternatively, you can use the the sleep module without the iterator and basically do 1 minute of sleep for every 5 bundles processed.

So, You can set up something like this after the Airtable Search Module,\

Screenshot from 2023-06-08 12-19-46

In the above screenshot, Iterator Module that I am using will be the Search Airtable Module that you have, so basically you can put the sleep module in between the HTTP and Airtable Module. To be extra safe, you can add the Break module in HTTP module which will ensure that even if there is an error due to rate limit, it will run from the point of error again.


thank you! Worked perfectly!