Delay execution of a step in a scenario to a specific time based on previous step


What i am trying to accomplish is the following use case:

  • a user compiles a form in sharpspring providing phone number and a date of a desired appointment
  • the day before the appointment a whatsapp message is sent to the user as a remainder.

What is the intended way to accomplish this in Make?

Thank you very much!

Hi @Mario2 ,
After getting their phone number and date, using add function module subtract 1 day from it so that you get a day before appointment , add save that to data store in Make .
and then create another scenario to run on a specific time on which you want to send SMS , Search datastore by current date and if record is found, send SMS on that number .


Hi @Mario2

To solve your issue, Please use filter.
Like as below.

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Hello everybody,

thank you very much for the quick and accurate response, really appreciated!
By little test seems what we need, will follow up if i run into something


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