Delete all rows except the header in 365 Excel

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I got a question, I want to delete all the rows except the first row(the header). But how do I do this? I tried several thing with the Row ID, but I can’t make it work. For example, I have 5 rows now in my sheet, I tried to select the function: Total Number of bundles. This gives a value of 5, but it doesn’t delete all 5 rows.

Attached are the screenshots of the scenario.

Hi. I think you need delete one my one to let the first one there…

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Hey @Zavatos ,

If you can not loop through all the rows and delete them (what @Wemakefuture suggested, which would be the easier solution), you could use the “Make an API Call” Action from the Excel Module.

There you would need to call the “Range: delete” endpoint:

POST /me/drive/items/{id}/workbook/names/{name}/range/delete
POST /me/drive/root:/{item-path}:/workbook/names/{name}/range/delete
POST /me/drive/items/{id}/workbook/worksheets/{id|name}/range(address='<address>')/delete
POST /me/drive/root:/{item-path}:/workbook/worksheets/{id|name}/range(address='<address>')/delete
POST /me/drive/items/{id}/workbook/tables/{id|name}/columns/{id|name}/range/delete
POST /me/drive/root:/{item-path}:/workbook/tables/{id|name}/columns/{id|name}/range/delete

For instance with that one it would be roughly like:

POST /me/drive/items/{file-id}/workbook/worksheets/Sheet1/range(address='Sheet1!B1:ZZ99')/delete

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@Wemakefuture and @Funkenwerfer thanks for your comments! I appreciate it!

@Funkenwerfer I tried your API call, but I get a weird issue that there is no function called: range. I looked it up in the Docs of the API, but I saw the function was there.
Here is the API link I made:
GET /v1.0/me/drive/root:/BroodjeBen.xlsx:/workbook/worksheets/Data Input/range(adress=‘Data Input!B2:F30’)/delete

I got the following error:
The operation failed with an error. [400] Resource not found for the segment ‘range’.

I made the API link like this: /v1.0/me/drive/root:/BroodjeBen.xlsx:/workbook/worksheets(‘Data Input’)/range/‘Data Input!B2:F4’/delete

Now it says: The operation failed with an error. [400] Resource not found for the segment ‘‘Data Input!B2:F4’’.

But there is data In B2:F4
What did I do wrong?