Delete Table Row in Microsoft 365 Excel (API)


I am trying to implement this API call:

I have tried everything to delete a row from table in Microsoft 365 Excel using my scenario, but I keep getting errors (404 Item not found, 404 The requested resource doesn’t exist) that make me believe that I am doing something wrong when directing the API to my workbook.

My workbook is located here:

The worksheet is called:

The table is called:

I am able to obtain the IDs for all of the above using the modules for looking up said IDs, but when I add them to the http request, I get the errors as pointed out above.

Could someone give me an example of how the API call should look like for it to work? Thank you very much in advance.


Can you post a video/photo of what you are trying to make it work? Delete a worksheet row should be just fine.

I already figured it out myself. Deleting a worksheet row does not work in my situation, because I’m using a table and it returns an error when trying to delete a worksheet row from a table.