Design team: please add a dialogue box the if ESC key is pressed after module being edited - to avoid losing changes accidentally

This is nerving me a lot - accidentally pressing the ESC key while I am editing a module in the scenario. Pressing ESC closes the module window with all changes lost!!

If I haven’t done any changes to the module - by all means - ESC should close the module window and that is perfect.
However, the moment I modify something, I should be asked if I am sure I want to exit without saving changes.

When I try to exit the scenario I modified, I am asked if I want to save changes. The same should be for the module modification.

I lost quite a bit time on this. The small keyboard I have happens to have the ESC key on the edge so it’s easy to hit it by mistake.

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Hi there @itoldusoandso :wave:

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your valuable feedback with the community :pray:

I would recommend that you also log your suggestion over in our :arrow_right: Idea Exchange. It’s a platform that provides an opportunity for your ideas to be shared, discussed, and potentially implemented.

Thanks again for your contribution