Detach webhook - DELETE endpoint not receiving any request


I’m very new to Make. I’ve successfully set up an instant webhook but I’m having difficulty understanding when a request is made to ‘detach’ the webhook?

I have the following configuration:

I assumed when a webhook is toggled ‘off’ or ‘deleted’ that the detach is automatically called, but at the moment I’m not receiving any requests to this endpoint.

The documentation suggests I don’t need to include anything else.

How do I fire a request to my db when the webhook is disabled or deleted?

Hi There,
Delete webhook in some systems automatically detach webhooks when they are turned off or deleted, others may require an explicit API call to detach or unregister the webhook. Check the documentation to see if there’s a specific API endpoint for detaching webhooks.


Yes, I’m trying to make an explicit API call to my app to unregister the webhook.

To elaborate, I’m using Xano as my backend and therefore I should see an api call when a user turns the webhook off or deletes it. My Make app is not published yet.

Some greater clarification around the detach configuration and testing would be appreciated.

Hello Michael,

the directive for detaching a webhook is triggered when the user deletes their webhook in their Make organization.

I wasn’t able to see in your screenshot, whether you implemented a Shared or Dedicated webhook.

If you implemented a Shared webhook, in order to make it work, you need to first publish your app.


The implementation is a dedicated webhook and the app is not published yet. All of my other endpoint configurations seem to be working. It seems a bit odd that I can’t test the detach.

As this is my first build, is it appropriate to publish the app to share it via a link to test if it works when published? And then contact the helpdesk to request it be deleted before publishing a public app?

Edit: I proceeded to publish the app and still unsuccessful in receiving anything when the webhook is disabled or deleted.


I was passing the externalHookId incorrectly, based on my backend configuration.

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Heya @MichaelLovell welcome to the community :wave:

I’m just quickly stepping in to say congrats on getting this up an running! :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for coming back to the community and sharing what did the trick for you. This is truly valuable and can be incredibly helpful to many others looking for similar information in the future. :pray: