Make SDK - Webhook - Is there possible to use Update directive (complements Attach / Detach)?

In the Make SDK (formerly Integromat SDK) there is an Update directive.

The documentation Dedicated - Make Apps ( only talks about Attach and Detach.
Is there a correct way to use this feature and allow updating an existing webhook that was previously attached?

Once a webhook is created, it can only be deleted or its parameters can be updated.

Updating your endpoint URL and change it is not provided.

You can patch the name.
put test data via API to it.
Or delete it.

But updating it would mean you need to create a new one in your software and send the new URL to Make’s backend to be updated, I understand this but from the Docs we see its not possible.

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As you explained, it doesn’t make sense to change the URL and that’s not my need.

I want to update the registration of the Webhook that was already made and send new parameters using externalHookId from data property recorded with Attach without the need to create a new URL registration.

For example, the channelIds parameter as showed in the attach directive below is one of this.

    "url": "/v1/webhooks/",
    "method": "POST",
    "body": {
        "url": "{{ webhook.url }}",
        "name": "{{ ifempty(, ifempty(, uuid() )) }}",
        "organizationId": "{{parameters.organizationId}}",
        "channelIds": "{{parameters.channelIds}}"
    "response": {
        "data": {
            "externalHookId": "{{}}"

Did you try to return the response to body.channelIds?

Not sure if the parameter.channelIds is accepted by the system and stored. Better use
variables that are assignable as seen in the docs: Available IML Variables - Make Apps

Please as well check the webhook section.

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