Different Results for Exact Same HTTP Request in Different Scenarios

I have two scenarios - one I used for testing out the parameters I needed to use to get the results I want, and one where I inserted what I got working in the first scenario into the actual scenario I am developing. When I put the exact same HTTP request into the 2nd scenario, it no longer works the same. It acts happy, but it doesn’t parse out the data, so that I can access the results.

First scenario results:

Second scenario results:

Both are the results of the same “Salesflare: Make an API Call” module, which looks like these (copied one from each scenario:

Why can’t I access the data from the 2nd one? They look the same to me…

Hello :blob_wave:,

It is hard to tell what might be wrong without seeing the actual output of the Salesflare module in both scenarios.

I, however, believe your second “HTTP” module simply does not recognize the data structure and you do not see the items in the mapping even though they exist.

I would then recommend trying to unlink the rest of the scenario flow from the “Salesflare - Make an API Call” module in your second scenario, run it manually (right mouse button>run this module only) and wait until it outputs data. You can then connect the rest of the modules back and check the mapping.
I believe you will see all the items in the mapping panel then.

Cheerio :cat_roomba: