Directly download pdf generated by Eledo

Good evening

My workflow is currently :
Mailhook (from Knack)=>get record (knack)=>generate PDF (eledo)=>Get file (HTTP)=>Send email (email)

Is there a solution to directly download the PDF file from the browser when this workflow is launched ? I mean without any other action : the user clicks on “generate PDF” in Knack app, and the PDF of his record is downloaded ?

Thanks for your advices

Hey @Fanch
This should be possible. The way you can accomplish is by doing the following:

  1. Trigger: Use webhook instead of mailhook, you can use URL/webhook parameter if you want to create a unique webhook for each of your users
  2. Do all the actions =>get record (knack)=>generate PDF (eledo)=>Get file (HTTP)=>
  3. Use webhook app to create a webhook response of the file URL with redirect script that way the browser will get redirected to that download file

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