Where do pandadoc downloads go?

I have a scenario where a webhook delivers data, then I push it to pandadoc to create a document. I want the user to get the doc so I set up download a document, but where does it go, and how do I push it back to the web user who submitted the form? I tried return hook, but there’s nothing about the downloaded document. help!!

When you use the Download action for any module. It gets the file in the Make environment. However, you can share this file to anyone using an Email service or Cloud Storage. So just add an email service and send it back to the user who submitted using email or a direct download link.

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Hi. If you have the email address to send back the file to the user then use the gmail or outlook module. This more easy way to solve this.

Thanks, Helio!
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THank you for the reply. when you say ‘a direct download link’ this is something to send in the email? is there a way I can get a download link and either display the doc or allow them to download it?

Hi, this is great, thank you. My need is a little different. Once the document is created I need to either let it automatically download to the user’s computer or show the link on the results page so they can click or download. Just wondering how to get the download link automaticaly

Hi @Marlin_Metters, if you would like to send the document link to the user, you can map user’s email when you use create a document action in PandaDoc.

Users can download the document via the link:)

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