Discord - instant acid style triggers?

Is there any way - either native in Make or using an external tool with Make - to have a ‘watch channel for new messages’ trigger in a Discord connection trigger instantly, rather than waiting for the different schedule runs? I’m using a great deal of my account’s resources checking the channel a lot and it feels like a more instant trigger would be better and more efficient for my users also

I don’t think this is possible. To watch for new messages in realtime in Discord, you’ll need a server running 24/7 “listening” to new messages using Websockets (something like webhooks, but in reverse).

For more information on how it would be done this way, see javascript - How to listen for new messages in a channel from scratch in Discord - Stack Overflow

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Hmm, how do bots like Discord Bot | MEE6 operate in this case? I found briefly trying that the responses were almost instantaneous to the logics I’d set up

My guess is the bot software is hosted on a 24/7-run server, and the bot listens in to the server events using websockets (websockets are not available on Make).

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