Discord Webhook to Webhook in Make


I’ve been trying to connect my Discord server to Make using webhook for a few hours now. And I can’t figure out how to do it. So I’m asking for your advice.

I know that Make has a module for Discord. If I have text on my Discord server, I have no problem working with it and everything works. The problem is that my Discord server receives notifications from another platform in a certain format (form), see picture. Thus, I am not getting the data I need.

I wanted to solve this with webhook. Discord is able to send data to a URL it generates. But I no longer know how to capture and further work with this data in Make. Because webhook in Make also generates the URL.

I tried with GPT4, but it doesn’t know how to do that anymore either. If the idea of using webhook is not correct, I’ll be happy to take advice.

Hi @Jan_Subrt ,

I understand you want to send data to a URL that will fetch the data in Make, right? If yes, if you already have the URL, you can make use of the HTTP module and have it use GET method to fetch the data that is sent to the URL. This data then can be parsed and used in any module or app that you wish to use.

Link to the documentation: https://www.make.com/en/help/tools/http
You need to use the Make a Request module of HTTP.

I hope this helps.