Using a discord bot with make

Hello everyone,

Context: I created a discord server that I connected to a specific bot. I use that bot by typing something like : /myinstruction blabla

Goal: I want my flow use that bot by sending a request like that “/myinstruction blabla”

Problem: when I do that via, it is sent as text, not as the instruction to the bot…

Which action in the discord module should I use to solve my problem?

Thanks a lot!

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Can you take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your make scenario for me, along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here?

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply @Bjorn.drivn

Here is the message the integromat/make bot sent to my discord server.

My server is connected to the Midjourney bot.

Expected behavior: Call the midjourney bot via the integromat bot.

Here is the Discord module configuration:

Here are the integromat/make Bot configurations in Discord (Discord Developer Portal)

Do you have any idea on how I can do to make the integromat/make bot to call the midjourney bot?

Thanks a lot!

Hello !
Same bug, have you an idea ? It’s OK for u ?

The Discord App is Make doesn’t have any module to send Slash commands. I have checked the API documentation of Discord but could not get much detail on how to send/trigger slash commands.

​Hence, I recommend you check their API documentation or contact customer support to get the relevant API endpoints. If available, you can implement it using the module “Make an API Call”.


Have you found a solution yet?