Is this possible? - Send a slash / command to a Discord channel bot

I am trying to create an integration where I interact with a bot that uses slash commands in a channel in a Discord server. Is it possible to send a slash command to that channel so that the Bot can respond to the command?

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but not exclusively using make, you may need some general programming knowledge, or to use a bot service to supplement make, there are several that integrate with make.

The Code + :make: Make Route:

you will need to register a discord bot, setup an environment to run some basic trigger code (its available on the discord developer portal and all over github)

and when “xyz” slash command happens, it triggers a make webhook, which then you can use the discord modules in make to respond in the channel.

For a bot that DMs or includes “message components” you may have to use the Discord “make api call” module to handle.

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