Using Midjourney bot slash commands in discord with Make

Has anyone had any luck finding a workaround for sending slash commands into discord utilizing the /imagine prompt for midjourney bot? currently Integromat bot just drops the /imagine text as HTML


I know exactly what you mean. I’m dealing with the same thing. Commenting so I am tagged in future replies.

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I don’t think it is possible to initiate slash commands through API. Slash Command is marked as user interaction so it won’t be possible to do it via Bot and API.

Any commands, you initiate will be rendered as plain text.


I’m dealing with the exact same issue.

Amy updates on this? Has anyone been able to make it happen ?

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I join the fight team!
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Looking for the same thing. I am wondering if the API can be used instead to post a message from your Discord account instead of the integromat bot account. Anyone get this working yet?

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