⚠ Discord Module On version V6 of the API, Rolling blackouts and Sunset date imminent

Howdy Y’all,

Today’s Question is Quick, just finished talking to discord developers.

:warning: It’s kind of more of a community heads-up!

Integromat/Make Appears to be on the V6 API which is 4 versions behind and is shortly going to become problematic. be careful relying on it for complex bot-related tasks, until the make developers get back to us on a timeline to get us upgraded.

The Smaller Question:

Is there a way for us to change that from our side? (I assume not)
I’m starting out a pretty large build to upgrade a giant stack of chatbots.
It’s pretty mission-critical, as the new bots need to be live by mid-month

Also submitting a support ticket.

Thanks Y’all!

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