DocuSign - Send a Document to Sign doubts


I need to add signatures from docuSign to a set of pdf contracts, here are the main issue:

*The client said it can use any e-signature that would solve the issue, of course, it would rather get the one with best cost benefit if more than one can solve the issue

  • I can’t use a template since those files are dynamically generated by AppSheets. AppSheets generate templates with limited formatting (It can’t have Headers or Footers) and I can’t also do page breaks. Thus, text tags like we have in signNow would not solve the issue since I am not able to write a tag and fix it on a specific spot of the page.

  • There are two types of signature in the contracts: Rubrics and standard signatures

  • The rubrics go in the corner of each page except the last one

  • The signatures goes in the last page

  • Since signatures positions changes a lot based on the content of the contract, the client accept a solution that don’t add signatures. In other hand, it requested that at least the solution add the rubrics since it’s fixed in a specific spot and what changes is the number of pages of the contract (sometimes it can have an extra 1 or 2 pages)

that said, at the moment the best option seems docuSign, but I am have a hard time setting it.

before going to the specific issues, the settings of my connection are:

Google Sheets




About the issues, I have two questions:

  1. DocuSign have the rubric field and a signature field, I need to use both of then but I can’t find a option to specify it in make, to be more exact:

    The SignHere tab have only the position, document ID and Recipient ID.
    To be honest, I never used an e-signature before so I have no idea how this would really work. I am thinking that maybe I can use SignHere combined with a text label? Anyone did this before?

  2. I have no idea how to send the file, at the moment I have all files url in a google sheet. I can use apps script and try to insert the blob of the file, but I don’t know if Make will understand it. (I already using to get the url based on the file name inside the file folder)