Does a trigger count as an operation?

I’ve created a scenario which has a trigger for HubSpot for when a certain form is completed.
I have the schedule set to every 10 minutes.
Does an operation happen every 10 minutes or only when the specified form is completed?
If every 10 minutes is an operation, is there a way to make it that an operation is only run when there us a new submission on the form?
I have the same question about a new user on Shopify.

Hi Daniel. Yes, the trigger module will always use 1 operation when the scenario executes. Unfortunately, the Watch submissions for a form module is not an instant module therefore it won’t execute only when it receives a submission so it has to be set on a schedule.


If your apps support webhooks then you can create a Make webhook and send the event into a scenario making it instant. If the app doesn’t have an instant trigger then you’ll have to search the docs of your apps for webhook support.