Trigger a scenario either once every day, or on demand by webhook

Hi. I have processes to check an Airtable table, for records which match a certain condition, and do some operation on them. The records do not change that frequently, hence an ideal time-based trigger would be once a day, even to minimise operations.

However, I would like to have the possibility to have a web-hook, which would allow me to have a button which when pressed, triggers the sync. Is it possible to do this within the same scenario?

My solution would be to create another scenario, which every day does a call to the webhook, however I need this for multiple scenarios, and having to create two scenarios per instance does not seem ideal.


Each scenario can only have one trigger. A separate one that runs on demand like you mentioned is the way to go.


In this case, you could create a “Scenario Run Handler” Scenario.
The trigger would be a webhook and the parameter would be the ID of the Scenario you wish to run.

The second module would be a Make Make an API Call module which would be responsible for running the Scenario ID which you’ve specified when calling the Webhook.

This means only one new Scenario to help you run any number of other Scenarios on-demand.