Would LOVE the ability to setup multiple Webhooks or Instant Triggers in a single Scenario

Here’s the use case:

I want to send images to my server for server-side image processing, which can take between 30 seconds to 10 minutes, but as soon as they are ready, I want them. I then want to process these images through a separate API prior to finally sending these images as SMS to the phone numbers that were entered into the Scenario start from a Google Sheet.

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this currently that is not a bit convoluted, messy and not 100% reliable, without having longer-than necessary wait times.

On my server, I have a webhook set up to go out after the processing is complete. But with MAKE, it doesn’t matter, since I can’t use that webhook to notify me when it’s complete within the same Scenario. So instead, I need to build either a second scenario, along with storing a bunch of Data values that will continuously get overwritten (and make it impossible for simultaneous operation). Likewise, my third connection point will require yet another infinite amount of branches with 5-10 second intervals, OR a third Scenario in order to process its instant trigger (basically Webhook again). Since I’m storing Data values that get overwritten each time, I can’t run simultaneous operations, so it slows down the process further. If I was able to assign the Data values to a given operation chain, then it would probably be fine, but I can’t seem to find a way to do that either. So I have them setup with 3 Scenarios, processing 1 input at a time until entirely complete.

My alternative is to constantly queue the server with infinite GET requests, and unknown number of delays (i.e. Get URL, if “processing”, branch to “wait 10 seconds and try again step” else, continue). But this is a bad solution, especially since my server processing time is so variable, and as soon as the image is ready, I’d like to get it back right away. I’d rather have a step for Webhook or Instant Trigger inside my scenario, so that I can have it pause on that step and wait until the webhook receives data before continuing with the remainder of the scenario.

Any other suggestions, or potential for this to be a feature?


Hey there @mattb :wave:

Thank you very much for raising this topic here with us in the community. :pray:

For this purposes we have our :arrow_right: Idea exchange page where you can submit Platform improvements, App ideas or App improvement ideas.

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