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I’m trying to make a Make scenario to initiate a Mollie payment proces.
I’m using the Make-Mollie integration…
As you can see my proces (Mailhook>Get record info>Create Payment) is working.
But, the result of this scenario is not as aspected: i would love to see the landingpage of Mollie starting so i can start the payment proces…

Can anyone please help me and tell me what i’m doing wrong?

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Hi @Meetwaarde ,

What do you mean exactly with: “i would love to see the landingpage of Mollie starting so i can start the payment process” ? If you are expecting Make to open the website of Mollie to do the payment, that’s not going to happen.

All actions are performed via the API and do not use the front-end websites for anything. But if you check the registered payments on Mollie’s website, it should show up there (if the action was successful).

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@Meetwaarde The URL that is created by the module is where the “checkout process” is handled, so you have to send this to “where” you want to handle this process, eg a website.
Looking at your scenario you have a mailhook as trigger. So the process is not triggered from a “place” where you can “respond” with the Mollie Checkout session.
What is the (complete) process you are trying to set up in Make?
Maybe the module “Create a payment link” can be helpful instead of “Create Payment”. This creates a link (as the name says) and you can send this (e.g. by mail) to someone.
Hope this helpds

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Hello, thanks for your reactions.
I want to enable donations for a foundation from their website, preferably recurring donations from “regular” donors.
A (WP) website is being developed and a (SmartSuite) CRM.
I had thought of directing donors to a SmartSuite form via a button on the website and then, after saving the record, automatically creating a SmartSuite mail hook that activates a creation scenario and then retrieving the donation data from SmartSuite to initiate a payment process. starting with Mollie. So far this part has been successful.
I expected that the Mollie payment process would then start for the donor in question.
Sending a Mollie payment link by email is not desirable; the donation payment process must be started immediately, without intermediate actions.
I now think I have to think about a different route, for example linking Mollie directly to the Website and then starting the donation process from there. Or, and I am currently investigating this, working via ready-made online payment functionality from other payment providers (Stripe, OPP).

There are multiple WP Form plugins that can integrate directly with Mollie (like Fluent Forms) I think going that way may be most efficient for your end users.

You can then still pick up data etc and bring it into your SmartSuite CRM.