Download 365 Mail attachment

Hi, I am trying to download an attachment from an email. I am using the trigger of Mail 365 and would like to add the module “download Attachment” afterwards to be able to process the attachment. But I cannot map the attachment in the second module? It is not visible in the settings of the module. If I leave out the trigger and access the mailbox directly with the “download attachment” module, I can find the attachment. But the problem is that it always picks up the same email with the same attachment instead of processing each new email.

The way I did it was,

  1. Have a filter with {{1.hasAttachments}} that will check if the email has attachments.
  2. Then use List Attachments Module and then Pass the Message ID obtained from the watch email module
  3. Download the Attachments

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I can not see your filter? Do you use „List attachment“ as filter module or did you do this within the settings?

It is just a failsafe mechanism that I have in place to make sure that the email has attachment, I guess you can configure that in the Watch Email module itself to list email that have attachments only.

So, You can use the filter in between first and second module, to just use list attachments directly.

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Could you share settings with me?

Try this blueprint and see if it works for you.

blueprint (36).json (7.2 KB)

Like, I mentioned you can add filter in Search Fields of Watch Email module to get email with attachments only as well.

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Thank you. I do not know what is wrong with my scenario. „watch email“ does not trigger when I receive an email. If I use Gmail instead of 365 everything works properly?

and just to mention…I am a bit of newbee to JSON etc. Could you explain what I have to do with your JSON blueprint?