Retrieving attachments in Outlook module

So the goal is to automate my bookkeeping. I want invoices to be analyzed through chatgpt module. The invoices are in a attachment in the e-mail in a certain map. My problem is:

I have a module outlook 365, action search e-mail → module outlook 365, action download an attachment. In this action i am required to put a Message ID and a Attachment ID. So at the Message ID i put the variable “message ID” from the previous module. But i can’t find the variable for Attachtment ID in the list. Can someone help me with this.

Hi @Ilias_Karr,

As I don’t have access to any MS 365 environment, I can’t test. But could it be that you need to get the e-mail itself as a step between the Search Message [1] and Download an Attachment [5] module?

Some API’s don’t return detailed information in search endpoints as they do in singular GET endpoints. And also asking the obvious, does the mail have an attachment?

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Thanks for your reply,

Yes there are attachments in the e-mail. I tried your solution, couldn’t find it after that.