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Hey everybody,

is it possible to download the data from the data stores? I tried it with the CSV function, but the result is [object Object] and not the real data…

Hey @Jens ,

As far as I am aware this is not possible right now.

The best way to do this is to put this data into a google sheet / airtable.


I tried that too, but unfortunately there is too much data, so Sheets can’t keep up with it.

It would be great if we could export these!

What I did as a workaround is a JSON Module to transform the data in JSON (could be XML) and save the content.
Would be better to have it native indeed.

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:exploding_head: Thats super creative, @Beaver!

I got really excited by seeing Beaver’s solution to this problem :raised_hands:

While a native solution would be nice, this is fairly awesome as we can automate it :star_struck:

I decided to build this out as a test and I screenshot’ed it all as I was building it.

Sharing here in the hopes it helps someone!

Create a new Datastore:

Make sure one of the items is of type “Date”, this is important.

Create a new Scenario:

Search for and select the Datastore module and choose “Search records” from the option list.

Create a new Data structure:

Make sure your Datastore’s item that is of type “Date” is also a of type “Date” within your Data structure.

Search Filter:

After choosing your Date item to search against, change the operator.

Select the “Laster than or equal to” date time operator.

Select yesterdays date as a value:

Run once:

Get the data out of the Datastore so that it’s available to your next Module.


I used Airtable for this build, you can use Google Sheets or whatever you like best.

In Airtable create a new Base, then Table, and add 3 columns. Make sure you date column is of type “Date”.

Airtable Module:

Add another Module. Search for and select Airtable.

Choose “Create a Record” from the list of options.

Setup the module:

Run once:

Find your Datastore backed up to Airtable!

I run through a lot of these setups (using Webflow to demo the builds) on my blog if you want to see more.

Thanks for this Beaver!


Thanks so much for sharing the solution with the community @ChrisDrit :pray: Awesome work!

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Hey @ChrisDrit, thank you for the solution! Very good :slightly_smiling_face:

@Michaela do you know, if there will be a csv export in the future? this would be great and it doesn’t costs us some operations


Heya @Jens thanks a lot for sharing the suggestion with the community!

You can also log it in “officially” in Make’s Idea Exchange space. If you do so, you can then follow the progress of your idea and generally see what’s going on with and about it :blush:

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