Download Excel table to Notion page automatically

Hi all,

Am struggling to connect Excel to Notion - I have a named Excel table that I would like to periodically to download into a Notion Parent Page. All I’ve succeeded so far in doing is creating sub pages with data from the table, but not creating the Excel Table in a page, nor mapping the table onto a Notion Database.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hey @PaoloRigutto,

It seems that currently, it’s not possible to upload files through the Notion API. The easiest way to map data from the table in a Notion database is through a CSV merge, for which Make isn’t required. Just export your excel file to CSV, and select ‘Merge with CSV’ in the Notion menu when the database is opened. Please keep in mind that this will only work for the values in the cells, any formulas will have to be recreated in Notion for them to work.

Hope this was helpful!

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