Notion and Excel


I have a notion Data Base.

My goal is to replicate this data base on excel 365

I did a scenario (see capture), my question are :

  • Do you have any idea of better scenarios ?
  • How can I filter at the end so that the scenario update the existing lines in Excel 365 modified in my notion DB and create new lines in Excel 365 when they are created in the notion DB.


Hi @caporali

In Excel, there isn’t a dedicated search module, but you can achieve a similar result using a text aggregator. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Place a text aggregator after the “List Worksheet” Excel module.

    2.Apply filter .

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Thanks a lot ! I think that would work ! Nice tip !

Overall, do you think my scenario is good related to my issue of transferring from notion to excel or you have other ideas of scenarios that could be better ?

Thanks a lot