Download Trello Card attachments to GDrive

I am quite new to Make, so please excuse me if this question might be easy to answer.
I can’t seem to figure it out for myself.

I have a Trello board with a couple of lists. Each of the lists represents an album of music tracks.
Different musicians can create cards and upload their tracks to their cards.

Rather than going into every card in Trello to download the tracks, I’d like Make to download the attachment from the Trello cards to a folder on GDrive.

I tried watching cards, Getting cards, searching for cards, listing attachments, and downloading attachments in Make.

What I find is that it always wants me to specify the card and attachment I want to download.

Can Make search for cards that have specific conditions, like a specific label and attachment, and have the attachment then downloaded to GDrive or give me a link to the attachment to add it a Google sheet?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @Sebastian_Watzinger

I would suggest that you look into the “Search for Cards” function of the Trello Make module.
It should help you in finding the exact cards you are wanting to download the attachments from.

Hope this helps!