Having trouble with Google Form > Google Drive > Trello

Hi all,

I am building a scenario that is triggered when my customer fills up a Google Form. The workflow is as follows:

  1. When a new google form is received, a new folder will be created in my designated google drive.
  2. A google doc containing all the info filled up in the Google form will be created and placed in the said new folder.
  3. Images uploaded in the Google Form (in one of the fields) will be uploaded to the same new Google Drive folder.
  4. A Trello card in one of the Project Board will be created and the google doc from point 2 above and the images from point 3 above will be attached.

I have trouble achieving points 3 and 4 above. My problems are as follows:

  1. The Google Drive Upload A File module does not download the images attached with the Google Form.

Below is the screenshot of the upload Google Drive

  1. The Trello module won’t upload (a) the said Google Doc created in the previous module; and (b) the images from the Google Form.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 3.40.09 PM

  1. Lastly, for some reasons, I was only able to test run the entire scenario once. After that one time, everytime when I clicked “Run”, only the first module is run and then it wont proceed to the next modules. No error codes whatsoever are shown. See screenshot below.

As I’m just switching over from Zapier, do let me know if I missed anything.

Appreciate your help!