About google forms response file upload to discord


i am trying to collect google form responses with file attachments, then i am trying to post everything to discord. when i try everything through trello - i get 400 error. (i was sending responses prior to this without any problems at all), now when i added file uploads, i am getting problems. there are no problems though if i would be using zapier - i get links to the files when everything is posted to discord (files are being uploaded to google drive), however i do not want to use multiple applications, i would like to stick to trello. can you help me finding where am i wrong? error i am getting: Screenshot - 6dcd7271d0721c81c00a7c5edc4e8f3c - Gyazo
inside : Screenshot - 2cff307094b030441017e100eb861726 - Gyazo (no link or no attachment received, i see only some array inside, thats it and i am not able to find out how to use it: Screenshot - 45ceef175b003ff5391ef42e0c5cecc3 - Gyazo

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output bundles webhook:
“Your place of residence address”: “ferfref”,
“Provide a copy of your passport for both sides.\nName it in such way: John Green (1;2)”: [
“Submit a personal photo of yourself with a handwritten note indicating the time and date.\nName it in such way: John Green photo”: [

output bundles of message to discord: