Uploading pictures from discord to google drive

Hello, everyone! I understand how to do that, but when I start the process of uploading the pictures form discord to google drive, using the scenario - it uploads empty images. How to fix this problem? How to automate uploading pictures from discord to google drive? (Is there a tutorial)

Update - I just wanted to use it to automatically upload my MidJoueney creations to Google Drive (or to any another storage app) - I am triggered because can’t find a tutorial how to do that :frowning:

Hi. I think there is no an specific tutorial for this. But in general its very simple. Are you donwloading the image before upload it to GD? Does the file extension correct in the GP upload field map?

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:


I can’t actually say this - I am a newbie in using Make service :frowning:

No, I am not downloading the image. My scenario is: watch the message in Discord and then upload it to Google Drive folder, so I should add between download the file?

I just wanted the scenario to be like this: when the message is sent to the discord chanel (the images are created by Midjourney) - then these images are automatically downloaded to the Google Drive Folder

Hi @darnik have you been successful since?

Thanks for your feedback.