Downloading result.json to use data in flow

I’m using phantombuster download trigger. I connected it and I see that the result comes in a file called “result.json”. HOw can I “download” the information in that file in order to use the data in the subsequent flow?

I’m able to see when “running this module only” and output called “result.json”. However, when trying to use that output in subsequent steps, like json module or, I can’t seem to find a way to use the raw data inside that “result.json”

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The data is the binary file containing the JSON. You’ll need to use the convert encoding trick to make the binary file into a text file.

I have mentioned this possible workaround for this here: Read text in .txt file stored in google drive - #4 by samliew

You can use a “Convert encoding” module using the same input and output encoding, then you can use the output of this module in your Parse JSON module.

Alternatively, you can simply try using the toString built-in function in the mapped field, something like this:   toString(data)