Dropbox file upload share links not working

If I upload an image to Dropbox using the Upload a File module, those images are unable to create a share link. I am not able to create the share link with the module or manually in Dropbox.

I think this might be some kind of filter set by Dropbox on Make.com. Does anyone have a workaround for this?

The reason I need to use the Dropbox share link is because I have used a HTTP module to do an API call to retrieve an image. Which is then taking the data and uploading to Dropbox, to then create a share link so I can take it into Airtable.

Not the best route, but Airtable only accepts URLs for files.


I have a similar issue. When the Create/Update a Share Link block is called, it returns " RuntimeError [409] settings_error/invalid_settings/…". Inside the block, I select an existing file manually on Dropbox to let Make.com create a share link for it. It always fails with this runtime error. Anybody knows why?

never mind here is the answer: Dropbox error 401 - #2 by NocodeNoah

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just wondering whether you solved your issues.

If yes could you share with us how did you manage the problem? This way we keep our community neat and organized.

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