Dropbox — Google Sheets scenario?

Yes, that should be correct. Leave the formula exactly as you have it there.

(Apologies, my note in the previous comment was incorrect - but I think you worked that out! I’ve edited so that it’s now correct for future reference)


I did it! But the problem is that the url I get is not a direct link (I used to upload to Webflow) and it is requested to be a direct link image and thats not… any thoughts?



Could you explain a little more of what you mean when you say that it’s not a direct link?


YEs, of course, WEbflow keeps asking me for a direct link image.
For example this image called: SESGO DE RIESGO CERO… have two image links:
Share link: Dropbox - sesgo-de-riesgo-cero.jpg - Simplify your life

Direct link image: https://uc4d51567f1585a58a6f63730300.dl.dropboxusercontent.com/cd/0/get/CD-5yDIrtaUKT8JRPUQx9FkYFUj9z4bWJejyhKUqpISG_Qe0Q30vwHanqSkfiGXUpjvbYjYssuwRnJiXpMwJGvLCmyEBaU9zqiQOtHIzlDH6D-uKC3ef8Yv2G4vBtPZ2VD2kw_F3xGcNJKfPPcXvUsqwKwLHncYbcUXhliVqOb_2AA/file

Note that the last is ending in /file; thats is a direct link.
I can finally use it in Zapier, but I want to know if I can do it in Make because I want to purchase a license.
I leave you a screenshot of the process in Zapier.

Its called Direct Media Link

Did you try using the URL that the scenario generated?

Or are you asking only because the URL looks different?

I’m fairly sure that the dl.dropboxusercontent.com URL is just the older way that Dropbox used for download URLs. Nowadays they use the ?dl=1 format you’ll see at the end of the URL that’s generated.

If that works, there’s two other things you might like to think about to streamline your workflow:

  • Make has an app for Webflow too, so you could automate the upload. Even if you want to review the image first, you could add a column to your Sheet for “Approved” and only upload it when you’ve approved it.
  • If your image file is coming from an external designer, you could automatically alert the designer. You could create another Make scenario that watches the same Sheet for new rows with a blank entry in the URL column, and then send a preformatted message to the designer, together with a link to the Dropbox folder where you want the image placed.

I don’t know, Where can I get that Direct Media Link in Make?

That’s what the Dropbox Create/Update a Share Link module delivers as the Download Url output field. That’s what you’re using as the Value in your Update a Cell module.

You’ll see that the Download Url that’s created and placed in your Sheet ends with ?dl=1 … that matches the advice that Dropbox gives on generating a direct download link.

Have you tried using that URL with Webflow?


YEs and it shows that its not a direct image link.
That the only problem I got, because I need that to purchase the plan, its urgent and I don’t know how to get it …

Could you show me a screenshot of the exact error or message that you get?

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I’ve done some more digging, and it seems that although the ?dl=1 URL suffix will allow you to download a file, it isn’t actually a direct link to the file itself - it includes some web redirects.

It looks like there’s two strategies for resolving this (neither of which I’ve tried, and unfortunately won’t have time to try today):

  1. Manipulate the Download Url to change the “www.dropbox.com” part to “dl.dropboxusercontent.com
  2. Or, use the Dropbox app module Make an API Call to call a specific Dropbox API endpoint that generates a direct link (which is probably the same end result as #1 above)

Option 2 is more robust, but a little tricky for beginners.

If you want to try option 1, you may be able to get it to work by changing 5.Download Url in the Sheets Update a Cell module to the following:

replace(5.Download Url ; www.dropbox.com ; dl.dropboxusercontent.com)