Issue with Google Sheets writing to a directory in Dropbox - Error [409] path/no_write_permission/


I’m attempting to use the Google Sheets module to create and overwrite a file in my Dropbox.

It seems everything is setup properly, but when the Dropbox module runs, the following error appears: [409] path/no_write_permission/…

Here’s a screengrab of the error modal:

And this is a screengrab taken from the settings modal:

I’m unsure if the issue is with my settings in Dropbox or something with the module in Make that needs adjusting.

Any help is welcome.


Hi there,

This error suggests that the user currently connected lacks the necessary permissions ( especially files.content.write and ) to relocate a file or folder. Please ensure you have been granted the appropriate permissions to execute this action. Additionally, confirm that you have assigned all necessary permissions to Make when linking your Dropbox account. If needed, consider creating a new connection as an alternative.

Thanks! :slight_smile: