Dropbox — Google Sheets scenario?

Good morning, I have been trying to create an automation for more than a year in Zapier and it has been impossible. So I come to try to Make.
What I want to do is to connect Dropbox with Google Sheets.
The moment an image file is added in Dropbox (for example file name “EXAMPLE_1”) that it searches in a column given beforehand for the name “EXAMPLE_1”. If it finds it correctly, receive the downloadable link of the file from Dropbox and place it in the same row but in another column given beforehand (see image).

Hi @Javier_Martinez1 welcome to the Community!

We can definitely help here. There’s two things I think you need to change in your scenario …

  1. When you map the Name field from the Dropbox Watch Files module, that’s going to have the file extension (eg .jpg) at the end. The first column of your sheet doesn’t include the extension, so you’ll need to remove it from the Name when you include it in the filter of the Search Rows module.
  2. The Downloadable field isn’t a sharable link for a Dropbox file - it’s just a true or false value for whether or not it is downloadable. To get the link, you need an additional module.

To solve the first problem, you’ll need to use Make functions (you can find details on these in the help). There are several ways you could do this - I’d use the indexof() function to find the position of the “.” and then the substring() function to extract the part before the dot, like this:


For the second problem, you need to insert a Dropbox Create/Update a Share Link module after the Watch Files module. Set the Way of selecting files to Map a file/folder path and map the Path lower output field from the Watch Files module, like this:

Lastly, map the downloadUrl output field from the Create/Update a Share Link module as the Value field in your Google Sheets Update a Cell module.

Let us know how you get on!


Im still trouble with the first part (sorry)
This si the link I think: https://eu1.make.com/419045/scenarios/1890562/edit

Hi Javier.

Position your cursor between the two semicolons “;” and type 0.

Then position your cursor between the last semicolon and the right bracket and insert the indexof() function from the text functions:

Then position your cursor to map the Name field into the correct place in the indexof() function, and the single “.” as well, as shown in my earlier screenshot.

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Sorry, I missed that one!

You’ve mapped the Image(K) field from the Search Rows module. That will give you the value of that cell - but what you want is the cell reference.

That will always be column K. The Row number field is one of the outputs from the Search Rows module.

So to put them together, what you want in the Cell parameter is:


Still somehitng happen

That’s suggesting that the Row Number field is empty, which seems odd … if you click on the speech bubble above the previous module, you should see all the output fields.

Can you post a screenshot of those?


Note under OUTPUT it says “Total number of bundles: 0”. That’s another way of saying it didn’t find any matches for your Filter.

Click on the + next to “Filter” (you’ll need to keep clicking on the +'s until there’s no more) and you’ll see a confirmation of the filter setting that you’re passing into the Search Rows module.


So what the problem?

Do you have a row in your sheet with the exact same text as you see in item b: ?

I see a similar one in your first sheet, but it’s not exactly the same:

Estrategia Ganadora: Marketing Digital para Agencias Webflow


Estrategia Ganadora Marketing Digital para Agencias Webflow

Notice that colon? The filename and the column data needs to be identical. Anything other than identical isn’t a match.

(Sidenote - you could add some error handling to send you a Slack message or email when there’s no matches, but let’s leave that until after you have the main case working!)


OK for the case, I will add a name: EXAMPLE_1 and upload an image with the same name.

Still problem

One question is there a way to detect not exact text
Like you said before Estrategia Ganadora: Marketing Digital para Agencias Webflow


Estrategia Ganadora Marketing Digital para Agencias Webflow

IS there a way to you fix my scenario?

There is a way to do partial matches, but it’s complex and best to be avoided if at all possible. It’s a programming principle called “fuzzy logic”, and as you’d expect it’s not always guaranteed to be an exact match.

Is there anything else in the other sheet columns that you could use as a key, rather than the Name column? Column B looks like simpler text.

Could you name your image files for the value in Column B instead?


Yes I could name that, can you please fix it for me?
Its urgent.
I will upload a file with a name in column B, is that ok?

All you need to do is to change the Name (A) field to the correct column name


Do you mean change this?