Due to the deprecation of the Facebook Groups API, we (Make) will be discontinuing our Facebook Groups app

This is really bad news !!! I suppose I’m not the only one having an issue with this facebook news and we only have 13 days left to find an alternative. Does anyone has an alternative to get the data (posts / comments) from facebook groups ?

Alos, facebook groups uses most of my Make operations. Now I’m left with a huge package paid in advance which I will not need anymore… :frowning: Any clue what I could do @Make_Bot

I guess the alternative will be to shut down my facebook community and move elsewhere…

Where did you get this news from?

On the official Facebook Groups API page, there is no such announcement.

Make sent out an email about 12 hours ago to us. This screws us as well - We were using FB Groups module to Crosspost Events from FB to Slack for our Not-For-Profit. Not too sure what we’ll do now…

Question is now: how do you change your scenario in preparation for this change ?
I fear we are left with no solution in this case and this would be a major pain for all Facebook group users !

If Facebook doesn’t want anyone to automate Facebook Groups via their API, then there is likely nothing we can do about it except to fallback to manual methods.

I have the same problem and if it’s really true, they gave us very little time to find alternatives. Facebook continues to exist, there are competitors that support Facebook groups. I’m really disappointed.

Any hint about these manual methods? :pray: except copy pasting of course :slight_smile:

Hello @here

Just to clarify, Make’s Facebook Groups modules rely on the Facebook Groups API, which is being discontinued by Meta.

More information below:

We are really sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but unfortunately, this situation is beyond our control.

Thank you for your understanding.


Sure, we understand it’s not about Make. That’s not the point here. I’m just trying to find a clear alternative…

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