Duplicate a "relation" property in another database


I’m using make to create a duplicate of my database, only with less properties.
This allows my to share the new database with my clients, with them only seeing what they need to see.
Make allows me to duplicate the database by creating and updating items in the new database.

The only problem is that one of the property in the original database is a “relation” property.
That property gets empty in the second database after make duplicated it.

I tried to create a new property with a formula “format” applied to the relation property. I have now a new property with text inside instead of a relation, but in the new database it stills comes empty.

I do not get any error message. All the other property are duplicated alright

Please help me get my life back on track, I’ve spend last night on that issue. I’m sad and tired now.

In the duplicate database, you’d like to display the text value of the relation property (the same as shown in the formula with “format”), do I understand correctly?

Which property are you mapping in the duplicated database for that?


Exactly, you got it right !

My relation property in the original database is “Recherches/Placements”
For property mapping I have only one choice :
Capture d’écran 2023-11-09 à 13.00.11

It is an array.

That may be why it isn’t working - instead of mapping the array itself, you may map the value of the array, which you can get by expanding the array in the screenshot. You can expand the array in the screenshot when there is a value inside of it. So, you can do a test and ensure there is a value in the Notion property

Alternatively, you can add another “search object” module in Make, that searches the item from the relation property you want to map. Then map its name in the final module. This will avoid using an extra formula property in Notion


Okay !

I got it working using you’re first idea.
Thank you very much !

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