Duplicated Message Content Resulting in Empty Field: Discord Watch Action to Google Sheet

I’m attempting to store all messages sent to a Discord channel in a Google Sheet using a watch action as the trigger. However, I’m encountering an issue: when a message has the same content as a previous message, the content field in the Discord watch module becomes empty. The timestamp and message ID still get written, but the content is empty .

heres a relevant screenshot

i couldnt find anything about this issue online! How do i allow duplicate content to be captured?

Use “search row” module… to match message id. If message id exist then you can use update row module or leave it as it is. If nothing returns then create row. Let me know if you have any further question or wanna outsource…

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thank you for your response
my intention is to store the duplicate data in separate rows
and not updating the row

thank you in advance

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