Dynamic Basic Auth

I’m looking to set up some re-usable scenarios for multiple customers, each have their own basic auth usernames and passwords. Is it possible to use variables in the Basic Auth credentials in the HTTP Basic Auth App? And If that’s not possible does the Make a Request allow authorization headers to be passed through (aka add a header of Authorization: Basic JHKJHLKHLKJ…POIU)?

I can’t figure it out via the “Make a Basic Auth Request” and when I try to do it via make a request it always comes back with 401 errors.

Hey @John.all welcome to the community,

The screenshot you show below should work from the http make a request module. I have done this similar setup before. Are you sure your username and password are correct?
One thing to try is if the request fails in make copy the body/headers and try the same call from postman with the same credentials.

Looks like you know what you are doing so I hate to be captain obvious. But as I said the setup you showed I have successfully used a number of times. So I think the username/password are the issue

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