Dynamic parameter in the path

Hello everyone
I have a path that has (in the path) a dynamic parameter that changes from run to run
How can I set a dynamic parameter in a path?

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Hi @leibi,

I have a few questions depending on which, the implementation might change. Is there a chance that you will get multiple questions as output.

If it is a single questions everytime, what you want to do is use get and keys function to fetch the value of answers that you get in the response. So, To do so,

  1. First use keys function on output, for Answers collection. It will result in keys that the collection contains that is as per the screenshot it will result in an array of keys, [5943c9fc]
  2. After which, you will need to use get function, Typically it is done if it is a static value keys as follows,


This will output the desired answers as value.

So, The formula will look like this once you combine both step 1 and step 2.

{{get(1.Answers; first(keys(1.Answers)) + “.textAnswers.answers”)}}

The first function here will take the first keys found inside Answers, So, IF there is multiple one then you will have to iterate twice to get multiple questions answers.

Input and Output,

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Thank you
This is exactly what I was looking for
It was a bit difficult for me to understand the answer since I don’t speak English but I was able to understand the logic of what I needed
Thank you!