Send 2 query parameters with the same name


an snippet from the docs of the API I use

Multiple filters

Filters can be applied by repeating the “filter” parameter in the URL. For example, the following URL:

GET /records/categories?filter=id,gt,1&filter=id,lt,3

when I do that, only the 2nd parameter is sent


even if I disable the function.


Is there any tip how to send the parameter twice?


Thanks Rob

when i switch this one on i still only get the second parameter


i would expect an array then


But still only the 2nd parameter is sent


I’m not sure this will work because the second filter will replace the first in the query param. A url can only have a unique set of query parameters.

Why can’t you create the necessary expression in just one filter parameter by combining the logic?

HI Alex

Please Look at the foo example - it is directly out of make http request

By default, Make handles multiple values for the same url query string parameter key as arrays (e.g. will be converted to[0]=bar&foo[1]=baz ). To disable this feature, activate this option.

“Disable serialization of multiple same query string keys as arrays” is ON

Why they only send the LAST key ?

It’s quite commen (I think) to use the same parameter twice as they also do in there own example - foo gets 2 values …

It looks like a bug to me :frowning:

cu rob

Does it work if you just put the parameters in the url directly instead of using the query strings fields?

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good idea . i put both parameter in 1 field but i had problems with the & (encoded) but i will try your solution and report - thanks

NO it is not working - looks like the URL is trimmed before the Query String is added

only get

“GET /records/exam_sets/?filter=uuid%2Ceq%2C54dd6e8c-6d43-48a9-ad3d-a65339394199 HTTP/1.1” 200 39689 “-” “Make/production”

mhh but thanks anyway rob

@trob999 did you also test out the API calls within Postman to make sure its not an API issue?

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Yes Postman response is OK - Exact what I expect - also both parameters in th APi Server Logfile. Since MAke is (according to the apach logs) not sending the right URL the response i s wrong
make is not adding the second Parameter…

also when i swicth OFF "Disable serialization of multiple same query string keys as arrays”
The URL is not modilated correctly !!! that is why i guess it is a bug

Hey @trob999 , its a bit of a weird API (looks like oData but at the same time is not) however this does indeed seem like a bug…
Could you create a support ticket with the team, since they will be able to assist you more.

Let us know how that goes!


I still think that Make is not sending it correctly - so the API I am using is not important - I could use another API and see what it receives

I expect to see the following in the WAHTEVER API server log files.

  1. Version with ARRAY - serialization OFF[0]=bar&foo[1]=baz

  2. Version without Arry - serialization ON

But make sends only in BOTH cases

Which IMHO is a bug !

I will ask our expert next week as I have a workaround for the weekend
cu rob