Dynamically updating an existing module connection within a scenario?

I’m currently working on a complex scenario to automate maintenance work within an E-commerce tenant system.

The challenge is that this same scenario must run across multiple tenants, each requiring a unique connection. To avoid replicating the scenario and updating each module’s connections individually, I’m looking for a way to update the connection authentication directly within the scenario.

I’ve tried using Make APIs, but the connection (as per https://www.make.com/en/api-documentation/connections-connectionId-set-data-post) cannot be updated.

Retrieves a list of connection parameters that can be updated. You can update a connection with the API call POST /connections/{connectionId}/set-data.

If the connection cannot be updated then the API call returns the error message “Cannot edit this connection.”. Create a new connection instead. Most of the connections to Apps cannot be updated.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to directly update an existing connection within the scenario, based on the connection details stored in a DataStore?

I have heard this problem a few times. I think Make is also aware of the problem.
However, there is no nice solution at the moment.
What could be done is to rebuild the authentication itself with an Http module and then dynamically load the corresponding customer access data.
If the API is addressed via bearer tokens, then this can be implemented relatively quickly, but as soon as it is oAuth, then it becomes very complex.

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